Sure, being able to view your flow data from your comfortable office makes life nice, but software that actually reduces your expenses and improves the safety of your crews in the field is what really makes Hach’s FSDATA Online Data Manager truly remarkable. This powerful-but-user-friendly, web-based software, when paired with a wirelessly-enabled Hach FL900 Series Flow Logger or Hach Data Delivery Services (DDS), empowers you like no other flow data manager can. Yeah, you now have convenient access to your flow data in real-time, at any time and from anywhere you have access to the internet — in your office, in the conference room, in the field, or even at home. But because it allows you to perform instrument programming and diagnostic checks from afar, you can reduce your team’s necessary site visits to collect flow data or to adjust meter settings. And reduced site visits means reduced expenses, and increased crew safety. That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

  • View your flow data in real-time, anytime.
    FSDATA connects with wireless loggers to secure and present real-time data round the clock, so you’ll always know exactly what’s going on with your flow.
  • Make instrument changes from a distance.
    FSDATA allows you to remotely perform instrument programming and diagnostic analysis.
  • See your status at a glance.
    Our easy-to-read map view dashboard uses color-coded markers to quickly show you the status and location
    for all your meters.
  • Find what you want simply.
    Intuitive drop-down menus make navigating the software program easy and efficient.
  • Prepare reports in seconds.
    View and create professional flow data in a variety of tabular spreadsheet or graphical formats
  • Relax knowing your data is secure.
    Hach Company’s reliable IT infrastructure hosts and maintains all of your data, keeping it safe and secure at all times.
  • Remain alert.
    FSDATA’s event notification features allow you to set alarms for any sensor parameter and receive alert messages either by text or e-mail.
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