Hach FL1500 stationary open channel flow meter provides easy programming with its large color display and intuitive user interface

The technology you trust, the sensor flexibility you need.

The Hach FL1500 is the flow monitoring solution for measuring and logging open channel flow. Compatible with all of Hach's flow sensor technologies, it collects reliable flow data from even the most challenging of sites and hydraulic conditions.

Flow sensor technologies include:

  • Non-contact radar
  • Electromagnetic
  • Depth pressure
  • Doppler, ultrasonic
  • Bubble level

The easy-to-use color screen simplifies setup and reduces programming errors. Use FSDATA Desktop Data Management Software to take control of your data, program the flow meter, upload and download data, and easily create reports. 

Power Source: AC: 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz, 15 watts DC: 10-30 VDC, 15 watts (backup battery option: 12 VDC lead acid battery)
Data Transmission: USB drive, FSDATA Desktop via USB, RS485 (MODBUS)
Compatible Software: FSData Desktop Instrument Manager

Additional Features:

  • Two (2) or four (4)sensor connection ports that interface with most Hach Flow Sensors—gives operators the site flexibility needed
  • Full color screen for easy viewing—improves logger legibility and user-experience
  • Fast data retrieval via USB and MODBUS—helps operators get in and get out
  • Advanced diagnostics for on-site meter verification—ensures data is accurate and reliable
  • Step-by-step calibration guidance—simplifies logger maintenance regardless of experience and instrument knowledge

Basic: 2 sensors, 1 analog input, 2 analog output, IO9004 port
Advanced: 4 sensors, rain, RS485, 1 analog input, 3 analog outputs, IO9004 port, 2 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs, mechanical totalizer port

Replaces the FLO-STATION Flow Monitor, Sigma 950, Sigma 970 and Sigma 980

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