Painting the full flow picture of your entire wastewater collection system can be a costly endeavor, especially when you have hundreds of manholes and miles and miles of pipe. But with Hach’s level-alarming solution, you can monitor and capture data from more sites in your network without crushing your budget. Just pair a Hach US9001B Ultrasonic Sensor with Ballast with a wireless Hach FL900 Series Flow Logger and you have an intelligent, economical answer.

We recommend using highly accurate FLO-DAR® AV Sensors to monitor critical primary sites, and then employing this economical level-alarming system at secondary locations to smartly expand your system awareness, all while still living within your financial plan.

Hach FL900 Series Flow Logger

  • Extremely rugged to handle harsh environments
  • Cellular wireless modem for real-time data access
    • Carriers available include Verizon, AT&T, Sprint & Rogers
  • Four sensor ports for any Hach sensor
  • Rain Gauge port
  • COM port for direct meter communication or access to MODBUS

Hach US9001B Ultrasonic Sensor with Ballast

  • Resourcefully takes the Hach US9001 Down-Looking Ultrasonic Sensor and adds cable-straightening ballast to create a highly reliable SSO and CSO alarming solution.
  • Highly accessible top-side mounting options don’t require confined space entry, making installation and maintenance simple and extremely economical.
  • More than just a SSO/CSO alarm. Also captures flow data utilizing flumes, weirs or Manning’s equation.

FSDATA Online Data Manager

  • Connects with wireless FL900 Series Flow Loggers to present real-time data 24/7
  • Map-view dashboard shows meter locations and status with color-coded markers
  • Intuitive drop-down menus make site navigation easy and efficient
  • View flow data in a variety of tabular spreadsheet or graphical formats
  • Easily generate summaries and reports with database-organized data
  • Web service option for integration with SCADA or other databases, including both real-time and historical data
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